And Ever

There are days, sometimes, when the reality of an Eternity is more pressing than ever before.
Days when my hands tremble and my heart pounds. Days when I cannot focus, cannot think, cannot hope to understand the importance of anything visible. Days when I cannot find it in me to be still, and others when I cannot do anything but lie on my floor and wonder when Jesus will come. Days when I cannot even do as much as that.
But there are other days. Days when the reality brings a stillness of remembering. Of resting. Of simply knowing, and knowing nothing else, that though a Heaven waits for us, still now we live.
And sometimes - just sometimes - it is those days when Heaven is truly closer than ever before.
For not even the most beautiful Forever imagined in the mind of God
Was ever meant to take away the preciousness
of this gift of Being.

 I almost forgot to say:
Happy Birthday.
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