Butterfly Wings

The world is full of beautiful things,
Butterfly wings, fairy tale kings;
And each new day undoubtedly brings
Still more beautiful things.

The world abounds with many delights;
Magical sights, fanciful flights--
And those who dream on beautiful nights
Dream of beautiful things.

Beautiful days of sun kissed showers,
Beautiful sea kissed breeze,
Beautiful nights of moon kissed hours,
Beautiful dreams like these--

Our lives tick by like pendulum swings
Poor little things; puppets on strings,
But life is full of beautiful things,
Beautiful people too--
Beautiful people
like you.
- "Beautiful Things"                                  
Dr. Doolittle                                

In January, I wrote a little list in my journal. The month following, I noticed a number of friends posting lists of their own; oddly enough (or perhaps not), of the same subject matter. Now that I am no longer cloistered away, I suppose it is time for forces to be joined, hands to be shaken, and summits to be mounted together.

And so,

These are the things that keep me alive inside,
The things that give me little bounds of joy in my chest;
In short,
These are the things that haunt me
with the Goodness of God.

___ _ ___

51:10 || an octopus in my window || rain || days of darkness and thunder || tea || ocean sunrises and sunsets || seashells || three magical little stories || a canyon || nebulae ||  poetry that wakes me up || heaven || The Singer || trees blooming in snow || firefly-lanterns || my keyboard || music in my dreams || my sketchbook || pencils and paintbrushes || a little hand pressing skittles into mine || Hosea || words || that crowded feeling of vast aloneness || autumn || cold night wind || hands || a horse called Ireland || joy-tears|| the Bible I have had for so long it is falling apart ||  love for the lost || peeping stars || and,

a little promise,
bigger than the world itself,
that cannot be undone.
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful things...... Sometimes I find that they are the easiest things to forget. It's so easy to remember the bad things, the things that hurt us. I myself have a hard time looking at beautiful things. I seem to be comfortable in pain and agony. I forget or I choose to forget God's love for me. I liked this post very much. I needed to be reminded.