Come Out, Moon; Come Out, Wishing Star…

What is more difficult than the unknown? It is a darkness, a taunting darkness that tempts the idea of hopelessness and baits the selfishness of human hearts. It knows it can win; it can, it can, because darkness is only the birthplace of fear.

But it is the aloneness that cuts the deepest. The loneliness that crumbles like a castle built around you, shimmering like stone and then sifting away as shifting sand. When pieces fall, too small to be captured, to broken to be put together again — because even if they were, the walls rebuilt would not be unbroken. They would only be hiding their brokenness.

And it is now. Now is when I desperately need my Jesus.

I’m out here in the dark, all alone and wide awake—
Come and find me.
I’m empty and I’m cold, and my heart’s about to break
Come and find me.
I need you to come here and find me,
‘Cause without you I’m totally lost.
I’ve hung a wish on every star,
It hasn’t done much good so far.
I can only dream of you—
Wherever you are.

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Jenny said...

I remember how they scorned the son of Mary
He was gentle as a lamb, gentle as a lamb
He was beaten, he was crucified, and buried
And in the night, my hope was gone

But the rulers of earth could not control Him
They did not take his life--he laid it down
All the chains of earth could never hope to hold him
So in the night my hope lives on

Remember what I said once about his silence and seeming distance may be designed to draw us on after him and seek him even harder? A sort of "do you love me? then come follow me" approach? Then keep up the longing, my dear, only don't despair. "Despair," Marilla said, "is to turn one's back on God." And he has gone through a deeper, blacker night than we ever will, and for that we can be assured he understands our pain. Keep up the longing: oh, he never leaves us, no matter what it feels like. He is with you even now, and his comfort is better than any I could ever give.

I love you, my dear.