Oceans of Light

I’ve been thinking a lot about Heaven lately. Not death – but Heaven. And when I think about it, it hurts to realize how much I don’t know, can’t see, and cannot possibly imagine. No matter how much Heaven and the new earth are described in Revelation, in my human weakness I can’t possibly imagine them in their fullness. I try, but I’m so limited in what I picture.

I imagine that the sky is like an ocean of light, deeper and clearer than looking into a crystal, and the world is full of spinning, dancing, beautiful, gleaming colors we’ve never seen before. Colors we can’t imagine or name. I imagine the tree of life, and the river of the water of life, flowing down the middle of the beautiful street like liquid diamonds. I imagine gardens. I imagine music. I imagine so much more.

And I imagine God.

I imagine looking at Him and seeing only light, but at the same time being drawn into His eyes: beautiful and strong and wise and powerful and gentle...and so, so full of love. I imagine walking with Him as He walked with Adam and Eve; being drawn into everything that He is, and knowing nothing else matters.

Knowing nothing else ever did.

And that’s why it hurts so much: not knowing, not seeing, not having the capacity to picture. It’s not just about the beauty of Heaven or the new earth. It’s about knowing Him more than ever before. Having every other feeling stripped away and being left in nothing but awe, worship, and total, utter love, in the place where everything is beautiful and perfect and His. In Revelation, we get a glimpse of that. And that small, beautiful glimpse is enough to make my heart ache with longing for it.

But I’m not there yet. We’re not there yet. And though sometimes we wonder why we’re left here in this dying world, where it can be so challenging to feel God near us, we can’t always know. But we don’t need to. It’s enough to know that He is, and He is with us just as much here as in Heaven, though we can't see Him. Forever and always, we are His. No matter where we are or what we see, Heaven or Earth, His love never changes.

And neither does He.

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